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Board members of the association and students brainstorming together

Support association meets students

Developing ideas together over tapas and drinks│How can the support association become more visible…

Alumni champagne on the occasion of the 50th anniversary

Alumni of the 1973 graduating class send greetings from Worms

50th anniversary celebrated with a weekend in the Nibelungen city and alumni champagne

Group photo (from left to right): 85th Palatinate Wine Queen Charlotte Weihl, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Fischer, Prof. Dr. Laura Ehm, Martin Ladach, Pauline Baumberger-Brand, Frederikus Holtus (Haniel Foundation), Kurt Beck, former State Secretary Dr. Siegfried Englert, Prof. Dr. Gunther Piller, Prof. Dr. Marc Dreßler, Dr. Rupert Antes (Haniel Foundation)

Friedrich Gennheimer Prize awarded for the first time

Support for outstanding alumni in the fields of viticulture and marketing / Pauline Baumberger-Brand…

The variety of wines tasted at the Alumni Network Meeting was remarkable!

Wine as a connecting element: Successful alumni network meeting in Neustadt

Enjoy wine, have fun, stay healthy: Sponsoring association invited to scientific wine tasting at the…

Group picture of the award ceremonies of the sponsoring association and Equality 2023 (Image: HWG LU)

Excellent! Award for special academic achievements

This year, Friederike Riesch, Phichittra Suksaew, Sarah Huber and Luisa Mayer each received the €500…

Father Wilfried Sauer graduated from Ludwigshafen University in 1973, son Dominik Völker is among the 2023 graduates

Double degree of a special kind...

Father Wilfried Sauer graduated from Ludwigshafen University in 1973, son Dominik Völker is among…

Class of 1973 at the graduation ceremony of 2023

1973 meets 2023: Intergenerational vintage celebration

Alumni celebrate 50th anniversary as business administration graduates

Alumni network meeting at BASF

Friends & Sponsors meet BASF

Network meeting on June 2 at Ludwigshafen chemical giant

Alumni network meeting at the film festival

Alumni network meeting at the film festival

Networking, champagne, canapés and a visit to the cinema together

Group picture of the jubilee meeting (picture: graduating class of 1972)

Still connected: Graduating class of 1972 celebrates 50th anniversary

50 years after their successful studies in Ludwigshafen, the graduating class of 1972 got together…

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