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Awarded: HWG LU has highest number of HAW students sponsored by the Study Foundation nationwide

The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation), the largest and oldest organization for the promotion of gifted students in the Federal Republic of Germany, supports particularly talented and committed students throughout Germany. In the statistics just published by the Studienstiftung, it is clear that the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society (HWG LU) has the highest number of sponsored students at universities of applied sciences (HAW) in Rhineland-Palatinate, both in absolute numbers and in percentage terms, with nine sponsored students in 2023. In a Germany-wide comparison of all HAW, HWG LU ranks 14th in percentage terms and 25th in absolute numbers.

"We are very pleased with this result, because it shows once again that we have excellent and dedicated students in our ranks. In addition, we were able to triple the number of students sponsored through the German National Academic Foundation compared to 2021," said a pleased university president Prof. Dr. Gunther Piller. The aim now, he said, is not only to maintain the proportion of sponsored students in the coming years, but to increase it further. "To do this, we need to make the possibility of the right of proposal by teachers or our StudentServiceCenter as well as the self-application even better known. Because we have many students with very good academic performance and great social commitment - they often just don't think about the possibility of non-material or financial support from the scholarships for gifted students," says Piller.

One of the students currently receiving support from the German National Academic Foundation is Luisa Schmalz. The student at the Department of Marketing & Human Resources Management is particularly interested in the program's non-material sponsorship opportunities: "The Studienstiftung offers me a large network of inspiring lecturers and exciting personalities who accompany me in my academic and personal development. Most recently, at a summer academy in Vienna, I was able to engage with content in an interdisciplinary working group that went beyond my other areas of study and made me think. I'm looking forward to more educational events like language courses or UAS meetings," Luisa Schmalz explains.

"The Studienstiftung is really a great asset. The financial support gives you the opportunity to fill your free time with more than just a part-time job. What I particularly like is that you get to know a lot of interesting people who have the most diverse backgrounds. With these different perspectives, it's especially fun to deal with current issues. I can only recommend anyone to apply for a sponsorship," adds Roderic Fonteyne, scholarship holder of the Study Foundation and alumnus of the degree program Health Economics in Practice.

At HWG LU, Prof. Dr. Jasmina Stoebel holds the role of Trusted Lecturer of the German National Academic Foundation. The professor of health economics with a focus on digitalization and organizational development is a former scholarship holder herself and finds it particularly enriching to accompany young talent on an important stage of their educational journey. "The Studienstiftung opens up unique opportunities for personal growth and academic excellence. It fills me with joy and gratitude to support committed and talented students in developing their individual abilities and positively influencing society. The encounters with the scholarship holders are consistently inspiring and highlight the importance of appreciating the value of education and commitment and supporting them here," continues Prof. Jasmina Stoebel.

About the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes:
The Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes is the oldest and largest foundation for the promotion of gifted students in the Federal Republic of Germany. Supported by funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the foundation provides financial and non-material support to particularly talented and committed students and doctoral candidates. The Studienstiftung is the only organization that selects and supports scholarship holders independently of political, ideological and religious guidelines. The Studienstiftung's statutory mission is to promote "the higher education of young people whose high academic or artistic talent and personality give rise to expectations of special achievements in the service of the general public." Funding is open to all degree programs and types of higher education institutions.

More information on the German National Academic Foundation at: www.studienstiftung.de



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