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Graduation Night of the GSRN

GSRN graduates at Graduation Night 2023 (Image: GSRN).
GSRN graduates at Graduation Night 2023 (Image: GSRN).

Remaining attractive for the job market: Graduates of the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar (GSRN celebrated their part-time master's degree. President and course directors of HWG LU as well as a representative of the business community congratulated.

Last Friday, 35 of the nearly one hundred graduates accepted the invitation of the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar (GSRN). They completed one of the part-time degree programs offered by the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society (HWG LU), which are bundled at GSRN, alongside professional challenges and family responsibilities. It was important for them to celebrate their Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in a festive way with their children and relatives at the Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim. "You have acquired new professional and methodological knowledge and skills and also demonstrated willpower, perseverance and performance, both to yourself and to your employer. That's what sets you apart!" said Gunther Piller, President of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society, in recognition of their achievement and also thanked their families for their support.

Guest speaker Johanna Schlörit, head of employer marketing at Renolit in Worms, emphasized that the willingness to go an extra mile with such further training sets them apart as employees. "Self-management is the most important skill in working life today. Processes are becoming more demanding and complex. It's a matter of balancing energy and stress relief at work and in life," Schlörit said. With this Degree, they have demonstrated that competency.

"Why are you doing this to yourself?" was a question Christoph Grün, a graduate and product manager at Netze BW, was asked again and again. He is in his late forties and professionally experienced. In his graduation speech, he gave an answer: "Because the environment and working world are currently changing so quickly, I felt the need to learn up-to-date knowledge and keep myself attractive for the job market." He added that studying had also been his anchor during the lockdowns caused by the pandemic. For Matthias Reber, a trained chef and hotel business administrator, the distance learning program in business management at HWG LU offered him the opportunity to earn an MBA even without a high school diploma: "The program was challenging, varied and also fun. I was able to apply a lot of the content directly to my job while studying."

For individuals, education often paves the way to greater autonomy, interesting and socially meaningful activities and a better income, emphasized university president Piller. "For the economy, the continuing education of skilled workers ensures further development and competitiveness in the future," Ralf Blasek, Managing Director of GSRN, emphasized his organization's educational mission for lifelong learning. Already in October one will be able to meet again at the next alumni network event of the GSRN.

The graduates had fun with the traditional tossing of the master's hats. This was followed by commemorative pictures of each cohort with the course directors of the MBA degree programs "Career-integrated studies in Business Administration", "Business Innovation Management", "Digital Finance, Strategy & Accounting", "International Business Administration", "Logistics - Management & Consulting" or "Corporate Management".

About the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar:
The Graduate School Rhein-Neckar conducts part-time MBA and Master's degree programs with a state university degree for the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society and the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. Since its founding in August 2006, it has offered academic continuing education in small groups and with personal support. Shorter continuing education courses, seminars and in-house training supplement the offering. It is a non-profit institution of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. www. gsrn.de/  

About the Ludwigshafen University of Businessand Society
With around 4,800 students, the HWG LU represents an excellently networked institution in the diverse higher education landscape of the metropolitan region. It offers a wide range of interesting degree programs in the fields of business administration, social sciences and health sciences, from Bachelor's to Master's degrees to dual and internationally oriented degree programs. Practical orientation, research strength as well as regional and international networking with institutions, partner universities, social institutions and commercial enterprises distinguish it and open up the best opportunities for students to start their careers later on.

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GSRN graduates at Graduation Night 2023 (Image: GSRN).
GSRN graduates at Graduation Night 2023 (Image: GSRN).


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