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Sustainable Horizons

European sustainability in education, science, and society

Since September 2022, LUBS is a proud partner in the EU-funded project Sustainable Horizons. The six consortium universities from across Europe are uniting a variety of approaches, perspectives, and concepts under a common European sustainability vision. Synergy development in education, science, and society, strengthening of sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, support for researchers and academics, as well as respect for nature and the environment, are at the heart of the efforts. The DNA of the alliance is the local embeddedness and international cooperation, the fostering of an inclusive society, the strengthening of European values and the shaping of sustainable and viable transformation processes.



The Sustainable Horizons Alliance aims to serve as a reference for open educational, scientific, and citizen resources by making publications, materials, and research data available, thus becoming a central player for open information in Europe. CO2 reduction and the development of sharing models for the sustainable transformation of campuses, measures to increase public and private investments in research and science, as well as increasing the number of sustainability related publications and promoting sustainability communication, are crucial elements in achieving our goals.

Our Contribution

The main task of LUBS is to establish an "Entrepreneurship and Employability Support Platform" in order to increase international competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable employability within the Alliance. This will be achieved by bundling the entrepreneurship and employability instruments already used in the Alliance and integrating innovative open-source solutions. Another part of our work package is the organization and execution of an "International Annual Business and Career Days" at LUBS. The event, planned for October 2023, will be focused on the overarching theme of "Sustainability" and will serve as a replacement for the annual job fair. Personal exchange on career, profession, and sustainable transformation will be the focal point of the event.

In addition, LUBS has recruited board members for the Sustainability Sciences Horizon Observatory (SSHE). The Observatory is coordinated by the Universidad de Huelva in Spain and aims to bundle educational formats and projects in the field of sustainability and make them accessible to all universities in the Alliance. LUBS board members include Kerstin Gallenstein as head of the International Office, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hehn-Ginsbach as a professor of Corporate Finance and Capital Market Theory, and Ralf Blasek, Director of the Graduate School Rhein-Neckar.

Our Board Member:

Die Allianz

The sustainable and collaborative transformation of the European higher education ecosystem is part of our self-understanding, thus we are delighted to be able to shape the future together with our alliance partners. The participation of each university in the individual projects of the partners is an important success factor of the project and contributes significantly to the sustainable cooperation within the consortium.

-        Universidad de Huelva in Huelva, Spain
         Homepage UHU

-        Universidade do Algarve in Faro, Portugal
          Homepage UAlg

-        University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" in Timișoara, Romania
         Homepage BUAS

-        LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lahti, Finland
         Homepage LAB

-        Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic
          Homepage UTB

-        Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society, Germany

The Alliance partners are united in their openness to innovation, manageable student numbers, direct communication between students and teachers, and close contact with the regional economy.



Nils Sitar, Sustainable Horizons Project Manager, welcomes your suggestions, ideas and questions: Nils.Sitar@hwg-lu.de


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