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Merve Nur Sevinç, Exchange Student from the International University of Sarajevo

"My dream to experience ERASMUS in Germany is happening now! I enjoy the diversity, languages, and cultures around me. Through the LUBS-excursions I made lots of friends, visited beautiful places, and I am now taking German language classes! By my first impression, I'd definitely recommend LUBS for anyone willing to have a great ERASMUS experience in Germany!"


Nils Sitar, LUBS Exchange Student in Tiflis, Georgia

"My semester abroad opened up new perspectives and broadened my horizons.  I learned to engage with foreign cultures and got to know myself better as a result. Personality development, language skills and intercultural competences are important reasons for a semester abroad, but especially because of the unique experiences and unforgettable experiences, I can recommend a semester abroad to all students."



Mirza Rakovac, Exchange Student from the International University of Sarajevo

"I am convinced that starting life in an international environment for the first time has significantly influenced my understanding of other cultures. Reflecting on how I behaved in the first few weeks really shows how more adaptable and resourceful I have become. I believe this experience will be beneficial to my academic and professional career, but also personal life."