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Since 30.11.2023 we have switched to MAXQDA 24. The license for version 2022 is still supported until 30.01.2024. Please switch to the new version in good time. University employees can update MAXQDA via the self-service portal "baramundi Kiosk".

MAXQDA Analysis Software

MAXQDA is a software for the qualitative analysis of unstructured data such as interviews, field notes, surveys, tables, images, video and audio recordings, bibliographic databases and the like.

License keys are issued via the central university license server. This is only accessible within the university network or via a VPN connection. Instructions for setting up the software and connecting to the license server can be found in the download area on the right.

Note: The software may only be used for the purposes of education, study and research. Commercial use is not permitted. Furthermore, the user must refrain from any kind of improper use. Infringements may give rise to claims for damages.

Note: All users who wish to use the AI Assist features in MAXQDA in conjunction with our MAXQDA license must create a MAXQDA account with university email:


Product Support

Unfortunately, we at the IT Service Center cannot offer you any support for this product. Most functions are more or less self-explanatory or can be learned by trial and error. For more complex elements in a survey, you should definitely work through the corresponding tutorials.