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Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz - Partner for all aspects of studying

Mensa, cafeterias and coffee harbor
In the refectory on Ernst-Boehe-Strasse, the Studierendenwerk offers a freshly prepared 5-component menu every day. Regionality and sustainability are important to us: many of the foods used come from the 'RheinPfalz Vegetable Garden' and the immediate surroundings. Our homemade salads are produced from fresh ingredients in our kitchen - because you can taste it and it also saves packaging waste. 

Snacks, drinks and coffee in several variations are available in our cafeterias: One cafeteria is right next to the refectory at Ernst-Boehe-Strasse 4, another is in the basement in the Department of Social and Health Services at Maxstrasse 29, and the "Kaffeehafen" café is in the Postbank building at Ernst-Boehe-Strasse 15. Our coffee beans come from Helder & Leuuwen. They only have the short journey across the Rhine Bridge behind them before they end up freshly brewed in our cups or Recup cups - because disposable has been a thing of the past in Ludwigshafen since the beginning of 2019. This applies to all hot beverages that are sold to-go over the counters in our canteen and cafeterias at Ludwigshafen University.

Because fair is sustainable, we offer fair-trade sodas and iced teas in our cafeterias. 

A total of 174 individual apartments and rooms are available to students at Ludwigshafen University in Heinigstraße 13, the dormitory of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz. Applications for an apartment or room can be submitted using the online form at https://tl1host.eu/SWLD/#admission .

Advice & Social
Studying with a child is a challenge. With the Kita Lufanten on campus, the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz offers 30 childcare places for children of students and employees of the university. Care is available either all day or as an extended morning. Children are cared for from the age of 9 months until they start school.

Is there a problem? No matter how big or small, whether personal or financial, whether family or study-related - we can help! Our counseling center is there for all students - and 100% confidential. During the lecture period, our counseling takes place every Thursday from 2 to 4 p.m. in Building E, Postbank Building, Room E1027. During the lecture-free period by appointment.

Funding of student projects and initiatives of a cultural, social or ecological nature
We provide financial support for projects and initiatives by students for students. Application and funding guidelines are available on the homepage at https://stw-vp.de/de/kultur/kultur-projektfoerderung/.

About us
Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz AöR is responsible for the four university locations Ludwigshafen, Landau, Germersheim and Worms. With around 180 employees, it takes care of the social aspects of studying: food, housing, counseling, daycare centers and cultural sponsorship.

More information?
More information, menus and contacts at www.stw-vp.de or at www.facebook.com/stwvp/.


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