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Social Work (B.A.)


practice-oriented, critical, flexible.

The degree programs is characterized by its special focus: Social work is understood within the degree programs as a science that takes a critical look at social inequality and at the same time relates to society as a whole as work on the social.

In addition, this degree program is characterized by an intensive connection to practice: Students test their knowledge and skills under conditions of professional social work practice during a practical semester and thus gain important impulses for their further studies.

The Bachelor's degree program in Social Work at Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences is particularly interesting for people who want to reflect on social problems and forms of social interaction in the context of social inequality and social exclusion and who are looking for perspectives on how people in difficult life situations can be supported and accompanied in their self-determined lifestyle through social work.

Contents & Procedure

Course structure

The Bachelor's degree program in Social Work is a modular full-time course with a standard duration of seven semesters. The modules generally comprise two semesters and are each completed with a module examination. The structure of the course allows students to complete their studies at their own pace if required. There is also a continuous advisory service to help students with questions about planning their studies.

As part of the specialization course, students can choose one of the following eight specializations from the fourth semester onwards:

  • Social work with adolescents and young adults within the framework of SGB VIII,
  • Social work with people at risk of addiction/addicts,
  • Social work in the context of inclusion, health and gerontology,
  • Social work with offenders and their environment,
  • Social work as work with mental health crises,
  • Social work with migrants,
  • Social work with people in financially difficult situations and
  • Social work as education, care and upbringing in childhood.

The practical semester is integrated into this specialization: students complete a 20-week full-time internship in the fifth semester. The degree programs thus integrates practice as a specific place of learning and an important reference system.

For the course-specific page for examination matters, please click here. Under this link you will also find the current editions of the General and Special Examination Regulations.



The degree programs leads to the degree "Bachelor of Arts (B. A.)", which qualifies you for further academic qualification. A three-semester consecutive Master's degree program in Social Work is offered at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

At the same time, graduates acquire state recognition as a social worker/social pedagogue (B.A.). The degree programs qualifies students for all professional fields of social work. Graduates can work in a variety of areas, such as social administration, with non-profit and private commercial social work organizations, in the justice system, in the areas of education, work and leisure, work with children and young people, in the area of health and rehabilitation, in cultural education and in business.

Application & Admission

Clicking on the "Apply" button will take you to a brief guide on how to register and apply.

If you are not sure which documents you need to upload to the portal, you will find an overview here:

A list of all types of entrance qualifications can be found here:

admisson requirements

With a high school diploma or entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences you need

  • proof of a social pre-study internship of 12 weeks.

For university admission for people with qualified, subject-related vocational training, you need

  • Successful completion of a subject-related vocational training program (grade point average of at least 2.5).

For university admission for persons with qualified, non-subject-related vocational training, you need

  • Successful completion of vocational training (grade point average of at least 2.5)                   and
  • proof of a social pre-study internship of 12 weeks.

For university admission for persons with further professional qualifications, you need

  • a successful professional further qualification through a master craftsman's examination or a comparable examination, regardless of the grade point average (the university decides on comparability in individual cases)                 and
  • proof of a social pre-study internship of 12 weeks. This is not required if the further qualification is assessed by the university as subject-related.

The team at the Student Service Center (SSC) looks forward to meeting you

The SSC staff responsible for application management advise prospective students on all aspects of the application process. They are the right people to contact for all questions relating to application and admission/access to studies at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

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For subject-related questions, please get in touch with the relevant contact person for your desired degree program.

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