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University Council

A university council is formed for every university in Rhineland-Palatinate. The university council advises and supports the university in all important matters and promotes its profile building, performance and competitiveness. It has to approve the basic regulations and their amendments, the establishment, modification and abolition of academic institutions, the general principles of the Senate on the distribution of positions and funds, the overall development plan as well as the quality assurance system. It advises the university on fundamental matters, by working out concepts for further development and submits proposals for the establishment of study programs. The University Council proposes candidates to the Senate for the election of the President.

The term of office of the University Council is five years. The University Council consists of ten members, five of whom are appointed from the fields of business, science and public life, and five of whom are appointed from within the university. The University Council elects a chairing member and two deputy chairing members and adopts rules of procedure. The chairing member and one deputy chairing member may not be members of the university.


Ms. Heike Arend, Managing Director Landkreistag Rhineland-Palatinate

Prof. Dr. Jörg Breitenbach, Managing Director of BIT PHARMA GmbH

Sister Superior Isabelle Wien, Chairwoman of the Board of Deaconesses Speyer

Mr Andreas Gietl, Senior Vice President Digitalization of Businesses BASF SE

Prof. Dr. Rainer Völker (Department I, Chair of Business Administration, in particular Corporate Management)

Prof. Dr. Barbara Darimont (Department II, Chair of Chinese Economy)

Prof. Dr. Gösta Jamin (Department III, Chair of Finance and Banking)

Prof. Dr. Annegret Lorenz-Ruffini (Department IV, Chair of Law)

Ms. Maike Stephan (students of the degree programs in Business Administration with a focus on Management, Controlling and Information (B.A.))

Meeting dates 2024

The meetings of the University Council are open to the public.

Dates are still being planned!