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Präsident HWG LU Prof. Dr. Peter Mudra

The President of LUBS Prof. Dr. Peter Mudra

Prof. Dr. Peter Mudra, President of Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society

Ludwigshafen University – close to BUSINESS and SOCIETY

Anniversaries remind us that the past has a relevant impact on the present.

Anniversaries always create a special, festive atmosphere. Despite the pandemic, which is a burden to all of us, we are in a festive mood for our anniversary.

Our university turns 50! A proud and special age and a good reason to celebrate!

Since 1971 our university stands for practice-oriented teaching and research in Ludwigshafen. All members - present and past - of the university-team can be proud of what we have achieved:

Our student numbers have increased considerably in the past decades - with 4,800 students at top level.

Soon we will have reached 100,000 successful graduates.

As a university of applied sciences, we are well-connected to companies, non-profit-organizations and other institutes. Our wide range of subjects and our interdisciplinary work offer interesting possibilities. To us, Third Mission is not only a keyword, but a live concept in many ways and forms.

We have an outstanding regional, national and international network. On the basis of an extensive and vital network with universities abroad, our international exchange of students, teachers and staff members has become an important pillar of our university. This is why we take pride in the recent nomination of European University.

For the past 50 years we thrive for equal opportunities by education.

In the field of research, our strongly interdisciplinary approach has made us a highly esteemed partner for several organizations of our society.

In this anniversary year, we would like to celebrate all of this successful development of our university.

Join in the celebration! We invite you to enjoy our numerous events.