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Integration of the diversity philosophy into the methodology and didactics of courses

Project management:Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump
Project duration:10/2014 - 12/2015
Project description:

If diversity increases, the influence of stereotypes increases. This can be explained by the fact that stereotypes help to reduce complexity. Our behaviour is shaped by our socialization and experiences, which then influence our values, our attitudes and our patterns of thought and action. We often attribute certain characteristics and patterns to certain groups of people (without reflecting and questioning). Competencies are not perceived or are overemphasized.

In order to make education multipolar (i.e. diversity-oriented), we need to raise awareness of stereotypes. This is the only way to avoid stereotypes. This is also referred to as the BIAS issue.

The aim of the project is

  • to sensitize teachers to the BIAS issue,
  • to develop a concept that can be integrated into any type of course,
  • to create a guideline for teachers that introduces them to the BIAS topic and offers them ways to take it into account in their education.
Target groups:Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society educators
Diversity dimension:Diversity in general
Contact details:

Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump