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Departmental Councils

The departmental council advises and decides on matters of fundamental importance to the department. The dean is the presiding member of the departmental council and is responsible to it. He/she is represented by a vice dean.

The Dean and the Associate Dean are elected by the Faculty Council from among the professors who are members of the Faculty Council for a period of three years. The Dean executes the resolutions of the Departmental Council, distributes the positions and funds allocated to the department among the departmental institutions within the framework of the general principles of the department, conducts the business of the department on his or her own authority, and prepares the agenda for meetings of the Departmental Council, taking into account applications received by him or her, in such a way that the Council can limit its deliberations and decisions to matters of fundamental importance. In particular, he or she is responsible for ensuring that courses are offered and for the necessary organization of teaching operations.

Below you will find an overview with the deans and vice deans as well as the student representatives of our departments. Complete overviews with all members of the respective departmental council can be found on the pages of the departments.

Department of Management, Controlling, HealthCare

DeanProf. Dr. Petra Weber-Dreßler
Vice Deans

Prof. Dr. Axel Kihm



Prof. Dr. Eveline Häusler

Prof. Dr.  Sandra Kirchner-Khairy

Prof. Dr. Stefan Lacher

Prof. Dr. Elke Raum

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rech

Prof. Dr. Rainer Völker

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Wölfing

Staff members

Ms. Stephanie Haider-Sandell

Mr. Kevin Knippel

Student representatives

Ms. Anna-Maria Eckrich

Mr. Jonas Heinze

Mr. Adrian Kohl

Mr.  Noah Laufer

Department of Marketing and Human Resources Management

DeanProf. Dr. Klaus Blettner
Vice Deans

Prof. Dr. Claudia Kohl

Prof. Dr. Elmar Günther


Prof. Dr. Claudia Kohl

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Raab

Prof. Dr. Stephan Weinert

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Wasmayr

Prof. Dr. Frank Rövekamp

Prof. Dr. Andreas Gissel

Prof. Dr. Elmar Günther

Prof. Dr. Lan Cao

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Mohr


Ms. Regina Hamacher

Ms. Christine Liew

Student representatives Ms.

Anna Blumek

Ms. Jasmin Lynn Patz

Mr. Johannes Scheufler

Ms. Lea Stephan

Services and Consulting Department

DeanProf. Dr. Birgit Angermayer
Vice DeanProf. Dr. Stefanie Hehn-Ginsbach

Prof. Dr. Frank Thomé

Mr. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller,

Mr. Prof. Dr. Gösta Jamin

Mr. Prof. Dr. Carsten Dorrhauer

Mr. Prof. Dr. Joachim Schmidt

Mr. Prof. Dr. Andreas Diesch

Mr. Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert


Mrs. Christiane Weinerth

Mr. Jacob Wolff

Student representatives

Mr. Benedikt Lüth

Ms. Luca Brück

Mr. Lukas Jung

Mr. Vincent Müller

Department of Social and Health Services

DeanProf. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Dallmann
Vice Dean

Prof. Dr. Monika Greening

Prof. Dr. Andrea Lutz-Kluge


Prof. Dr. Joachim von der Heide

Prof. Dr. Armin Leibig

Prof. Dr. Lena Loge

Prof. Michaela Michel-Schuldt, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Marion Ott

Prof. Dr. Andreas Rein

Prof. Dr. Jörg Reitzig

Staff members

Kirsten Ahrens

Claudia Hobbie

Student representatives

Adrian Burkhardt

Karoline Rossmann

Sofie-Meret Schmitt

Marvin Tenberg