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Cross-Cultural Mentoring Programme

The Cross-Cultural Mentoring Programme at Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society aims to encourage intercultural communication and exchange at the university by making mentors available for international Degree Seeking Students who were awarded their qualification for university entrance abroad. These mentors are supposed to support their mentees within a culture that may still be quite new and strange to them.

Benefits for international mentees

During the first semester mentors will help their mentees to find their way around and will lend support in organizational and academic matters.Moreover, they will also help mentess to expand their personal network at our university.

Furthermore, mentees will receive intercultural training and will learn more about German cultural standards.

Benefits for mentors

Vice versa, mentors do also profit from participating in the mentoring programme. They do also take part in a training to improve on their interculutural sensitization, as well as gaining (their first) intercultural experience(s)

To round off the programme, you will receive a certificate of attendance. You may also get credit for your participation in the mentoring programme as part of the intercultural certificate "KomPass".


Application: open until 24th of March 2023 (for the summer semester 2023)
Person to contact: Petra.Schorat-Waly@hwg-lu.de

Application forms:

Please remember to save the following date:

  • Wednesday, March 29th 14:30 bis 18:00: opening event and intercultural training

The mentoring programme is sponsored by the DAAD project EuroInnA – European Innovation Alliance of Sustainability, Health and Digitalisation.


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