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Diversity projects

In the area of diversity, a funding pot has been created from which members of the university can apply for project funds. 

The University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen stands for mutual respect and appreciation, living diversity and equal opportunities, reflection and shaped change, dialog orientation and openness as well as critical faculties and participation. (from the mission statement of the university)

Against this background, diversity projects are promoted that...

  • promote interculturality and make it tangible.
  • advocate anti-discrimination, encourage privileged groups to think critically, and empower the disadvantaged.
  • focus on measures to promote equal opportunities and equity in the context of teaching and higher education.
  • Address diversity issues and current sociopolitical discourses.
  • address issues relevant to equality and diversity in the economic context.

Since the summer semester of 2015, the university has had a Diversity Project Fund from which members of the university (education, students and employees of the university) can apply for project funding. Cooperation projects, e.g. between members of the university and lecturers, are also conceivable.

The main target group of the projects are the students of the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen. However, it is possible to expand the target group to include other groups of people, e.g. employees or external parties.

  • Scope of the project: This includes the number of students who can participate in the project. However, it is also relevant whether participation is limited to one degree program or whether students are acquired across departments and degree programs or benefit from the measure.
  • Additional offerings: The fund is intended to create additional offerings for students. Core tasks of a study program, e.g. teaching assignments for course work, cannot be covered.
  • Innovation: Innovative measures and projects, especially projects that promote interculturality and make it tangible, are given priority for funding.
  • Sustainability and integration into existing projects: It is advantageous if projects have a continuation perspective and/or are integrated into existing structures or projects.
  • Reasonable costs: An important requirement is that the funding is used appropriately.
  • Confirmation by deanery and department heads: The project applications must be confirmed (by signature) by the heads of the departments and deaneries.

The Coordination Office for Equal Opportunity & Diversity decides whether a project is funded after considering the funding criteria. The Diversity Coordination Committee, with input from the departments and relevant diversity stakeholders at the university, supports the decision-making process by making recommendations on the allocation of funds.

Subject to budget approval, €5,000 is available for the 2023 calendar year.

There are two application deadlines for the calendar year:

  • 1stdeadline: The first deadline ends on Jan 18, 2023. The funding notifications will be sent out by February 08.
  • 2nd deadline:  The second deadline ends on July 19, 2023. Notifications of funding will be sent out by August 9.

Please note that the funds cannot be paid out directly to you, but that you must submit the invoices to Ms. Schorat-Waly in the Diversity department.  Due to budget constraints, funding is always approved and paid out for the current calendar year. You will receive more detailed information with the funding approval.

In order to make the measures at the university transparent, we publish all projects on the diversity homepage. A short report is provided after the measures have been completed.

You can download the project application and the instructions for project funding in the download area on the right.