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Innovation management is the systematic planning, management and control of innovations in organizations.

The central qualification goal of the study program is the ability to support innovation processes of companies through measures and methods.

Teaching of interdisciplinary competences:

  • Problem-solving competence
  • Communication competence
  • Team competence
  • Intercultural competence

Through excursions, practice-oriented case studies and practical projects with the business world, there is a close connection to the real world and its challenges.

The program is aimed at students who want to help shape new products, new services, new business models and/or organizational change in innovative industries.

Study structure

3-semester attendance program with 10 compulsory modules and the master thesis in the 3rd semester (lecture times Monday - Saturday).

Some of the courses are held in English.

Management SkillsDevelopment of basic competencies in project management through application in projects.
Teaching of methods and procedures in decision-making processes.
Basics of Innovation ManagementImparting knowledge of all elements of innovation management - from the strategic level to organizational topics such as stage gate processes and agile organizations.
Aspects of controlling innovation.
Strategic ManagementAnalyzing strategic initial situations, supporting management in strategic decisions.
Methods and techniques of business development are taught.
New Product MarketingKnowledge of how to recognize, position and successfully introduce innovations to the market.
Scientific MethodsImparting skills in scientific work and research methodology by designing small research projects. Management of employee and communication behavior.
Business ProjectHandling of concrete projects to teach the theoretical basics of project management as well as learning appropriate tools and techniques to successfully carry out a project.
Digitization and InnovationModels and methods for generating new business models and reflecting on them critically.
Teaching of necessary legal areas in the field of digitization and data science.
Customer Driven InnovationStudents learn in exercises and case studies the applications and methods to design innovations in the age of digitization in a user-centered and flexible way.
Business AnalyticsIT toolbox for solving operational decision problems.
Sustainability ManagementKnowledge of business ethics and central concerns of sustainability management.

  The 3rd semester includes the master thesis with a duration of 6 months.

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Career prospects

The following tasks await you in innovation management:

  • Implement new products and services on the market to conquer new markets.
  • Develop improved products and services to stand out from competitors.
  • Improve internal processes to strengthen the company from within and/or to save costs.
  • Developing new business models to create new revenue streams.
  • Idea and knowledge management.

The program equips students for qualified gainful employment, particularly in the following industries:

  • Technology-intensive companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, medical technology, mechanical and plant engineering industries.
  • Industries that are strongly driven by change, such as the consumer goods or IT industries.
  • Service providers such as banks, insurance companies and management consultancies.

5 reasons for the degree programs

Excellent reputation: The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society enjoys an excellent reputation in the business and innovation sector. The Master's degree course in Innovation Management benefits from this reputation and offers a high-quality education.

Practical orientation: The Master's degree course in Innovation Management attaches great importance to the practical application of the knowledge acquired. Through projects, case studies and internships, you have the opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge directly into practice and gain valuable experience.

Interdisciplinary approach: The Innovation Management degree programs combine various subject areas such as business administration, technology and innovation management and marketing. This gives you a broad spectrum of specialist knowledge that enables you to develop innovative solutions in various industries.

Network: The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society offers you a strong network of companies, alumni and industry experts. This gives you access to potential employers, mentors and career opportunities in the field of innovation management.

Internationality: The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society attaches great importance to internationality and numerous opportunities for international experience such as exchange programs or internships abroad. This enables you to develop intercultural skills and expand your global network.

Why Ludwigshafen as a place to study?

The city of Ludwigshafen is located in the middle of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region with over 135,000 companies, 800,000 employees and a gross value added of over 62 billion euros. Global companies such as BASF SE, SAP, Roche Diagnostics and Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG have settled here. Last but not least, a total of 21 universities with their more than 82,000 students ensure a stimulating student life.

LUst on foreign countries?

Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences has around 150 partner universities all over the world: in almost all EU countries, but also in the USA, Australia, Taiwan and Korea, for example. Stays abroad in the form of an internship or a semester abroad enable students to acquire a wide range of intercultural skills. The stays abroad can be recognized with credit or on a voluntary basis as an additional semester.

We are of the opinion that a semester abroad is always a plus on your CV and absolutely justifies extending your studies!