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Tuition fees currently amount to 2,450 euros per semester (plus student contribution of currently approx. 140 euros). This amounts to a total of 9,800 euros for the MBA degree within the standard period of study.


Educational leave

Under certain regulations, it is possible to take educational leave in accordance with the Education Leave Act (BFG) (usually 10 working days within two consecutive calendar years).

In this case, the employer will grant paid leave on application without, however, bearing the costs of the educational measure. The prerequisite for this is that you are employed in a federal state in which an educational leave law exists and that the educational measure and its organizer are recognized as eligible for educational leave.

Our attendance phases are already recognized in the following federal states, among others:

  • Rhineland-Palatinate: Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz (BFG)
  • Baden-Württemberg: Bildungszeitgesetz Baden-Württemberg (BzG/BW)
  • Saarland: Saarland Continuing Education and Educational Leave Act (SWBG)
  • Berlin: Berlin Educational Leave Act (BiUrlG).

Recognition can also be requested and applied for in other federal states.

Tax deductibility

As a rule, you can claim expenses for professional training against tax in your income tax return.

These include, for example, expenses for

  • Travel and accommodation expenses,
  • meals during the attendance phases,
  • Internet and telephone charges,
  • postage costs and
  • Expenses for additional technical literature.

Other funding opportunities

The federal government and the federal states support those interested in further education in financing continuing vocational training.

Find out more about the following programs:

  • Education voucher
  • Upgrading scholarship
  • Germany Scholarship (HWG LU)
  • Support for gifted students
  • Education voucher (especially in NRW)
  • Qualification check (especially in Hesse)

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