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About Ludwigshafen

Ludwigshafen is a young city with an industrial heritage. (history) The chemical industry is the core of Ludwigshafen’s economy. (economy) With its 171,000 inhabitants, it is one of the youngest big cities of Germany with a strong economy and a lively culture. In the field of science and education, the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society is outstanding and contributes to the wide range of higher education in the area.

Ludwigshafen is close to other big cities like Mannheim and Heidelberg, together they form the so-called metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar. The infrastructure in Ludwigshafen and in the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar is excellent, you can easily discover the region by bus, streetcar, train, car or bike.

Medical care in Ludwigshafen is guaranteed by three hospitals and clinics. Famous personalities of Ludwigshafen are the former chancellor Helmut Kohl and the philosopher Ernst Bloch. Although Ludwigshafen is a city of chemical industry, it is a green city nevertheless: Many parks with lakes and fountains can be found throughout the various districts. (free time)

Ludwigshafen has a vast and lively culture scene. Several festivals are hosted throughout the year – the outstanding city-festival with internationally renowned bands, the extraordinary and fun international street-theater festival, the magical film-festival in the beautiful park on the banks of the Rhine and the great Hanami-festival, to mention just a few. (culture)

The geographical position of Ludwigshafen between the river Rhine and the Palatian Forest not only creates a mild climate, but also many possibilities to spend your free time outdoors. (sports) Due to the mild climate, the summer can be hot, which is when you want to spend a day outside in the surrounding countryside named Pfalz. Amidst vineyards, it is a perfect way to enjoy the typical, good food of the region and the wonderful Palatian wines.

Come to Ludwigshafen and explore it all yourself!

Kurpfälzer way of life

In addition to a dynamic economy and efficient research and teaching, the region combines history and culture with quality of life. Worms as the center of the Nibelungen saga, the imperial cathedral of Speyer and Hambach Castle as the birthplace of German democracy are just a few of the historical witnesses. The Palatinate Forest, the picturesque wine villages, the proximity to the Odenwald and Alsace attract visitors with their charming landscape, almost Mediterranean climate, culinary delights and high recreational value.

Ludwigshafen itself also has a lot to offer culturally: With the appointment of Hansgünther Heyme as artistic director of the Theater im Pfalzbau, the Ludwigshafen Festival was launched, which radiates far beyond the city limits. The Wilhelm Hack Museum, which regularly attracts a large audience with its interesting temporary exhibitions, and the Festival of German Film on Park Island, which is considered the most beautiful festival in Germany, are also known throughout Germany. In the field of competitive sports, the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region is also well positioned: Everyone knows TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, in ice hockey the DEL record champion Adler Mannheim celebrates its home games in the SAP Arena, and the handball players of the Rhein-Neckar Löwen show attractive handball in the first Bundesliga.

Diverse Ludwigshafen

Who is who in LU: The fact that Ludwigshafen is a good choice as a location and what diverse opportunities it offers is shown not least by the short films (see right-hand column) that the city institutions have made available to us .