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About Ludwigshafen – learn more!


The first settlements of what is today Ludwigshafen date back until AD 800. Since 1859 Ludwigshafen is officially a city. In the year 1925, Ludwigshafen was declared big city.

In 1865, the chemical company BASF – colloquially also called Anilin - was founded in Ludwigshafen. More companies, not only of the chemical industry, settled in Ludwigshafen, which is why the population of Ludwigshafen grew immensely and new housing had to be provided. Then came World War I and II and destroyed most of the city. The economy came to a stop. After WWII, the economic boom - also called Wirtschaftswunder – helped to rebuild Ludwigshafen, copying modern US American architecture in some of the new buildings. Until today, Ludwigshafen keeps remodeling itself by changing and enlarging constantly.



When it comes to Ludwigshafen and economy, the first name to be dropped is definitely BASF SE. However, there are so many more international companies to be found: In the chemical industry, Giulini, Raschig GmbH, DyStar, and Wöllner Werke should be named. Pharmaceutical companies are e.g. AbbVie and Abott, IT-companies such as BASF IT Service and Bilfinger Peters Engineering GmbH. Moreover you find Saint Gobain Isover G+H AG, MD Medicus Holding GmbH, Contargo GmbH & Co.KG and Vögele AG, to name just a few.



So many festivals throughout the year – so much to do, so little time! Ludwigshafen not only hosts the outstanding city-festival with internationally renowned bands, the extraordinary international street-theater festival and the magical film-festival in the beautiful park on the banks of the Rhine, but also the great Hanami-festival, the festival in Ebertpark, the fun harbor festival Hafenfest etc. etc.

Moreover, Karneval is celebrated as well, the cities Ludwigshafen and Mannheim share an impressive carnival-procession.

If you love music, you will enjoy the program – both classical and modern - offered by various institutions: Ludwigshafen’s Philharmony, Pfalzbau, BASF Feierabendhaus etc.

A special treat are the numerous wine-festivals throughout the summer all over Pfalz: Charming wine-villages invite everyone to enjoy nice company, good food and even better wine, grown directly in the region.

In winter, visiting one of the many Christmas-markets and enjoying a cup of Glühwein (mulled wine) is something you don’t want to miss.


Free time activities

Thanks to the Rhine, the climate is mild and the landscape is interesting: An ancient arm of the Rhine is today a nature reserve named Maudacher Bruch, close by our university. Where gravel has been exploited, lakes (called Weiher) developed. There are several Weiher in Ludwigshafen and surroundings, many of which can be used for swimming in summer.

Important note: Please never ever go swimming in the Rhine! Even if it looks totally safe to you, it is highly dangerous due to underwater currents. Every summer, many (young) people die swimming in the Rhine!

Many parks in Ludwigshafen (e.g. Ebertpark, Friedenspark, Parkinsel, Maudacher Bruch) invite for a relaxing walk, sunbathing or sports. In the southern district of Rheingönheim there is the Wildpark, a kind of zoo in the woods with local animals to see.



Ludwigshafen is outstanding in sports: First division handball is played by the local club TSG Ludwigshafen-Friesenheim, also called “Die Eulen”. First division tennis can be found in Ludwigshafen along with first division gliding by the club of Giulini. Famous and great ice-hockey is played in Mannheim by their team “Die Adler”, and Mannheim’s first-class handball-team is called ”Rhein-Neckar-Löwen“. First division football can be seen at TSG Hoffenheim.

If you want to practice sports yourself, Ludwigshafen offers so many possibilities: football, judo, karate, taekwondo, table-tennis, windsurfing, fishing, pool, boxing, sailing, volleyball, hiking, swimming, fencing, horse-riding, canoeing, rowing, cycling, paragliding, squash, chess, dancing, diving… etc. etc. Try something new and regional with boule, also called pétanque!


Come to Ludwigshafen and explore it all yourself!

Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Photo Gallery