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Exchange students can choose courses from different departments and different courses of studies.

Department I


codecourse titleECTSFall SemesterSpring Semester
MCO/ MIM 153 Business Research     3          x


Department II

International Human Resource Management

code  course titleECTSFall SemesterSpring Semester
HR 111International Human Resource Management   3         x 
HR 112 Intercultural Human Resources Management   3         x 
HR 221International Strategies: Management and Organization   3           x
HR 222International Management: Networks and Decision Making   3           x
HR 240International Labour Economics   3           x

Department III

Finance and Accounting

codecourse titleECTSFall SemesterSpring Semester
MFI 111Financial Engineering and Structured Finance   3        x


MFI 112Global Financial Markets and Financial Products   3        x


Logistics - Communication and Consulting

codecourse titleECTSFall SemesterSpring Semester
MLC 221Cross Cultural Competence   3 


MLC 223Business Ethics   3 


Consulting and Business Information Technology

codecourse titleECTSFall SemesterSpring Semester
MW 111  Business Model Innovation  3,5         x

MW 112

Change Management  3,5         x
MW 121Strategic Consulting   3         x


MW 122Corporate Performance Enhancement   3         x

Exchange students can also join German language courses.