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Pekka Sivonen

Congratulations for 50th anniversary of your university! I have been once as a guest of your University and I spent very nice days in Ludwigshafen hosted by my colleague professor Axel Kihm.

Alfreda Sapkauskiene

Congratulations and greetings from Vilnius University

Olfa Bouasker

Happy 50th anniversary! Congratulations from the University of Lille. I went there for a working meeting as part of the Etap ( European Taxation and Accounting in Practice) and I have very good memories.

Athanasios Mandilas


Katrijn Claes

Congratulations with the 50th birthday of your university!
Odisee Brussel

Axel Kihm

Congratulations on the 50th anniversary of the university! Fruitful academic years in the future!

Universitat de Girona's International Relations Office

Greetings to the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society from the International Relations Office of our Business and Economics Faculty.

We would like to celebrate our international collaboration both of students and professors. It is a pleasure for us to cooperate and share our knowledge and international spirit between us.

Congratulations on your Institution's anniversary!

Universitat de Girona-. International Relations Office