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Welcome to the Bachelor Business Informatics

You have already successfully completed your Abitur or your Fachabitur, or you will complete it soon and are looking for a suitable course of study. The study program Business Informatics in Ludwigshafen is NC free and also offers all students the possibility to adapt the learning pace to their private circumstances. For those who want to study flexibly as well as for people who are professionally qualified, there is the possibility to get advice in advance about the general conditions. Starting this course of study does not require any previous knowledge, because you will learn everything from scratch.

Dear freshmen and newcomers,

if you are completely new to our university, you should definitely take advantage of the introductory week before lectures begin to familiarize yourself with the internal information systems. During these events, the most important processes will be explained to you. You can find the exact dates during this introductory week via this link to introductory week.

For those who are not at A-level in mathematics, our math pre-course is highly recommended.

If you need help already at the beginning of your studies or even during your studies, we recommend visiting the pages of Studium & Lehre.

For all formal concerns, please contact your program manager.

Business informatics sees itself as an interdisciplinary subject between business administration and computer science. It came into being because companies have to process ever larger quantities of data. This has led to the need to apply systematic methods of information processing in order to be able to use the data sensibly for operational purposes. Operational procedures must be modeled in the form of business processes and handled efficiently using information technology. More specifically, business information systems deals with the planning, implementation, introduction, maintenance and operation of information systems.

The personal requirements, which one should bring along for it at least, are thereby the art complex problem definitions into smaller manageable parts and to transfer these then with a demanded accuracy to the solution. This then also requires a healthy amount of stamina and the willingness of interdisciplinary cooperation.

The program has six semesters and concludes after three years with 180 ECTS and the Bachelor of Science degree. Essentially, the study of business informatics consists of the four subject areas of business administration, business informatics, computer science and social skills. You can determine your own learning pace, within certain limits.

In the programming courses you will learn the basics of the programming language JAVA with the development environment of Eclipse. Subsequently, in the advanced courses on web applications you will learn how to implement business cases. At the end of your studies you have to bring in a group your acquired knowledge into a practical project and present it in the course.

In order to implement business requirements in an application system , you must of course know where and how to safely store and manage company data. You will therefore learn how to use a database management system. Thereby we use the database language SQL for the definition of data structures in relational databases, for editing, inserting, modifying, deleting and querying datasets based on it.

In the course Data Science you will learn how to generate information from such data sets, in order to derive recommendations for action for the company. Using analysis tools, queries are developed that distill valuable information from obscure data sets. Hypotheses are then derived, which are statistically tested and prepared for management as a basis for decision-making.

The lecture in Business Intelligence introduces the essential components of decision-supporting information systems and provides knowledge about traditional approaches, state of the art and future developments. In addition, the technology required for the BI process is covered both from a theoretical perspective and in depth in practical exercises.

Finally, in the business management section at  you will learn how to make safe decisions while taking into account all risks. You will then be able to design organizations and processes in a goal-oriented manner. In service management you will learn to correctly classify characteristics of services and the resulting challenges. You will get an overview of the basic elements of customer loyalty and will be able to analyze practical problems and develop solutions independently. Various management techniques such as process and project management complement their skills in the management levels.

Throughout the program, students learn subject-specific English, soft skills and advanced topics in business administration and IT. At the end of the study program, there is a mandatory internship at a company of your choice. Here you will acquire as much practical knowledge and skills as possible to prepare you for your entry into professional life. In combination with this, you will also write your final thesis for your studies. If you follow the link below "List of lectures", you will get to an overview of all events for the examination regulations 2019!

ParametersLecturesTime weeklyLearning content & Link
BWI101General Business Administration4 SWSBWI101
BWI111Business Mathematics4 SWSBWI111
BWI121Accounting2 SWSBWI121
BWI122Cost Accounting2 SWSBWI122
BWI131Law4 SWSBWI131
BWI141Marketing2 SWSBWI141
BWI151Introduction to Business Informatics2 SWSBWI151
BWI161Programming I4 SWSBWI161
BWI201Investment2 SWSBWI201
BWI202Financing2 SWSBWI202
BWI211Economics3 SWSBWI211
BWI221Statistics4 SWSBWI221
BWI231Programming II4 SWSBWI231
BWI241English I-Business Basics2 SWSBWI241
BWI242Soft Skills I-Basic Soft Skills2 SWSBWI242
BWI251Software Engineering5 SWSBWI251
BWI301Project Management2 SWSBWI301
BWI302Process Management2 SWSBWI302
BWI311Operations Research2 SWSBWI311
BWI321English II - Business in Practice2 SWSBWI321
BWI322Soft Skills II - Communication2 SWSBWI322
BWI331Business Management2 SWSBWI331
BWI332Service Management2 SWSBWI332
BWI341Operating Systems2 SWSBWI341
BWI342Computer Networks2 SWSBWI342
BWI351Algorithms and Data Structures2 SWSBWI351
BWI352Databases3 SWSBWI352
BWI401WM Consulting Management Skills2 SWSContents see OLAT course!
BWI402WM Analytic Consulting Skills2 SWSContents see OLAT course!
BWI403WM Social Consulting Skills2 SWSContents see OLAT course!
BWI411Data Science4 SWSBWI411
BWI421Web Applications4 SWSBWI421
BWI431seminars2 SWSBWI431
BWI441English III - Business Knowledge2 SWSBWI441
BWI442Soft Skills III - Business Ethics2 SWSBWI442
BWI501Information Security2 SWSBWI501
BWI502Information Management2 SWSBWI502
BWI511Digital Business4 SWSBWI511
BWI521Internship Application Systems2 SWSBWI521
BWI531Business Intelligence4 SWSBWI531
BWI541ERP Systems4 SWSBWI541
BWI542SCM Systems2 SWSBWI542
BWI551English for IT2 SWSBWI551
BWI600internship  13 weeksBWI600
BWI610Thesis10 weeksBWI610

The Bachelor's program - Business Information Systems - is open admission. In accordance with the applicable examination regulations, students are entitled to study if they have a university entrance qualification within the meaning of Section 65 (1) and (2) HochSchG and have not lost their entitlement to take examinations for this degree program. A detailed description of which educational certificates entitle students to the Bachelor's degree program in Business Information Systems can be found here.

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