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Professors and teachers for special tasks

Professor or teacher for special tasksProfessorshipTeaching area
Prof. Dr. Manoj GupteProfessorship of Business Administration with a focus on International Management
  • International Management
  • Corporate Management and Organization
  • General Business Administration
  • International Marketing and Logistics
  • Business Development
Prof. Dr. Uwe HannigBusiness Administration, in particular Information and Performance Management
  • Performance Management
  • Information Management
  • Sustainable Management
  • Marketing and
  • Statistics
Prof. Dr. Eveline HäuslerManagement and controlling in the healthcare sector
  • Financial management of companies in the healthcare sector
  • Corporate management in the healthcare sector
  • Management of networked care providers
  • Internationalization of the health care industry
  • Ethics in the healthcare sector (workshop)
Prof. Dr. Johannes KalsBusiness administration, in particular sustainability and energy management
  • Production management
  • sustainability
  • Social Skills
Prof. Dr. Axel KihmBusiness administration, in particular financial accounting
  • Accounting according to HGB, IFRS (Financial Accounting)
  • Group accounting
  • Analysis of annual and consolidated financial statements
Prof. Dr. Martin KloseBusiness administration, in particular controlling
  • Fundamentals of business administration
  • management accounting
  • Cost accounting systems
  • Key figure systems
Prof. Dr. Sandra Kirchner-KhairyBusiness administration, in particular financial and managerial accounting
  • Accounting according to HGB
  • Financial Accounting
  • Accounting policy
  • Management Accounting
  • Risk Controlling
Prof. Dr. Stefan LacherBusiness administration with a focus on innovation management and digital transformation
  • General business administration
  • International Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Responsible management
  • Innovation management
  • Change Management
  • Business Development
Dr. Peter MöbiusBusiness English with specific business management skills 
Prof. Dr. Elke RaumMedical Management
  • Medical and nursing service provision
  • Social medicine 
  • Case studies on management in the healthcare sector
  • Public Health
  • Health economic evaluation
  • Qualitative and quantitative social research
  • Health services research
  • Patient-oriented medical care
Prof. Dr. Stefan RechBusiness administration, in particular controlling & Information management
  • Controlling concept
  • Integrated profit and financial planning
  • Operational controlling instruments
  • IT-supported controlling
  • Cost planning with ERP systems
  • Long-term contract manufacturing
Dr. Dagmar Scherer-Vankova

Global and regional economic studies

Intercultural Management

  • Economic and interdisciplinary regional studies
  •  Regional cluster and location analyses
  • Global and regional value creation
  • Intercultural Management
  •  Interdisciplinary expertise in Eastern Europe
  • Economy and public sector  
  • Public Management
Prof. Dr. Andreas Seufert

Business administration, in particular information management

  • Business Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning/ AI
  • Corporate management/ digital transformation
  • Data-driven business models/  Business model innovation
Prof. Dr. Jasmina StoebelHealth economics with a focus on digitalization and organizational development
  • Digitalization in the healthcare sector
  • Innovation management
  • Process management in the healthcare industry
  • Corporate governance and strategic management
  • Project management and agile working
  • Data science / predictive modeling
  • IT in the healthcare sector  
Prof. Dr. Dieter ThomaschewskiBusiness administration, in particular management
  • Market-oriented corporate management, marketing
  • Corporate management and organization
  • Strategic/international management
  • Innovation management
Prof. Dr. Rainer VölkerBusiness administration, in particular corporate management
  • Innovation Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Value management and decision making
Prof. Dr. Petra Weber-DreßlerControlling
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Strategic and operational controlling
  • Service controlling
  • Controlling in international companies
Prof. Dr. Nikolas WölfingEconomics
  • Economics
  • Empirical Methods
Professor or lecturer for special tasks ProfessorshipField of teaching
Prof. Dr. Werner GladenBusiness Administration, in particular Accounting
  • Internal and external accounting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Controlling 

Prof. Dr. Beate Kremin-Buch

Global Financial Accounting and Cost Management
Teaching Award 2006 of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in the category Economics

  • Financial Accounting
  • Cost Management
Prof. Dr. Rolf JakobiBusiness Administration, especially International Management
  • Mathematics
  • Logistics
  • Innovation Management
  • Sustainable Management
  • Project Management
  • Process & Quality Management
Prof. Dr. Heinrich HanikaChair of Business Law (Contract, Commercial and Corporate Law) and Law of the European Union
  • International and European Law
  • Business Law (Contract, Commercial and Corporate Law)
  • Internet Law/ Social Media/ E-Health and Telemedicine
  • (Dental) physician, health, medical and nursing law
  • Civil, labor and social law 
Prof. Dr. Joachim BuchChair of Business Administration, in particular Controlling and Information Management
  • IT-supported controlling
  • Corporate planning and analysis
  • Project controlling
  • Accounting
Honorary professor Professorship
Prof. Dr. Jörg BreitenbachFocus Management Life Sciences Industry 

Prof. Dr. Monika Roth

Focus Management Integrated Care 

Even after retirement, professors can contribute their competencies in education and/or research as well as transfer. The department and the universities benefit greatly from this valuable commitment within the framework of so-called senior professorships.


ProfessorProfessorshipTeaching area
Prof. Dr. Manfred ErbslandHealth Economics and Health PolicyHealth Economic Evaluation
Prof. Dr. Stefan Kronenberger

General Economics (Micro- and Macroeconomics)
including Foreign Economics

Financial Economics