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Florin Lihet (22) from Romania, was an exchange student during Summer Semester 2015 and Winter Semester 2015/2016, majoring  Tourism Management.

“I have been in Ludwigshafen am Rhein, for two semesters (2015-2016), all by myself, which for me was a great thing, to be the only one from my country that can relate about Romania and our culture.  I lived in two different places – both in students-flatsharing buildings, so was very easy to meet the others anytime for a talk, dinner, or some drinks.

Choosing Ludwigshafen was not my decision, I chose Germany, but my university didn’t have another partnership with a German university except this one at that time. Still it wasn’t a city that meant something for me, but the experience to come. I am extremely happy for living in Ludwigshafen, even though the city itself it’s not a piece of art, nor a very praised one. What makes me say that  is the people I have met, the fun I had, the great teachers, the very well-organized International Office and a good location if you consider traveling (you are close to France, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium and Netherlands).

There are a lot of stories I would like to share, but I can say that one of the best is when we were participating in a football tournament, organized by the students association and we won the 3rd place. It was so much fun, we were singing, playing football, sharing beers in the meantime and we had also great supporters to cheer for us. If you have a team you should not miss that, it’s organized once in each semester!

Last thing to say is that Erasmus changed my life! Create your own stories, let it change your life too!”