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Exchange students - Alumni

We all know how stressful and confusing an exchange can be – especially if you are coming from a non-European country. But it is also an exciting, thrilling adventure, it broadens your horizon and teaches you so many new things! A lot of students have already been through those moments, and we consider their experience a valuable asset!

If you are a former student of Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen, you can share your experience with the new incomings by completing our "feedback form" or "questionnaire" and give them your personal advice for daily life, studies, travelling, nightlife etc.

We would also be thankful, if you gave us your feedback on how well organized your exchange was, how helpful the staff at the university was and if you have any ideas for improvement.

If you are a new incoming student, read the stories of your colleagues, and see what they have to tell you:

Thank you, Christina-Anisia & Shiyo, for sharing the experiences of your first week in Germany with us!