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This page provides an overview of the professors and lecturers who teach the lectures in the bachelor's program "Business Administration with a Concentration in Finance".

Full-time professors and teaching staff

Prof. Dr. Stefanie Hehn-Ginsbach

Program Director Bachelor's degree program in business administration with a focus on finance

Teaching areas: Investment and Finance, International Finance, Portfolio and Capital Market Theory, Investment and Value Enhancement, Applied Corporate Finance.

"Finance is the heart of the entire economy - it is what makes any entrepreneurial activity possible, ensures that markets function properly, and creates prosperity and growth. Imparting knowledge and skills in these exciting subject areas, as well as mentoring and developing young talent in preparation for exceptional careers in the diverse fields of finance, is my passion and my top priority."

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Carsten Pohl

Teaching Areas: Statistics, SAP ERP, mathematics, asset management 

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted" - Albert Einstein

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Prof. Dr. Gösta Jamin

Teaching areas: Banking, financial markets and derivatives, risk management, corporate regulation, economics. 

"The financial system is one of mankind's greatest inventions, along with the invention of the wheel and the taming of fire."

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Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Birgit Angermayer

Teaching areas: Group accounting, accounting of insurance companies and credit institutions, business valuation, tax planning, professional law, cost accounting. 

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Diesch

Areas of teaching: Income taxes, international tax law, taxation of corporate restructuring, accounting, investment, cost accounting. 

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Prof. Dr. Hartmut Walz

Teaching areas: asset classes and investment psychology, current developments in the financial services market, behavioral economics (English), investment banking, financial psychology and behavioral economics, financial services. 

"The ultimate secret to successful investing and retirement planning is that there is no secret!"

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Prof. Dr. Sibylle Baumann

Fields of teaching: Civil law, commercial and corporate law, international business law, IT law, logistics law.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Birk

Teaching areas: Auditing , international accounting  

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Prof. Dr. Martin Selchert

Areas of teaching: Marketing, Corporate Management, Consulting 

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Christine Heinzel

Teaching areas: Marketing, Human Resources, Project Management, Conflict Management, International Business Skills, Scientific Work.

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Dieter Ott

Teaching Areas: Soft skills, business ethics and intercultural competence.

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Harry Sponheimer

Teaching Areas: Business English, English for Logistics, Intercultural Attention 

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