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Special features

Study concept

Our Bachelor's degree program provides you with fundamental specialist knowledge of business administration based on the fundamentals of value-oriented corporate management and the modern theory of corporate finance and financial markets. In addition, the degree programs imparts interdisciplinary qualifications, supplemented by the special teaching content of the "Finance" specialization. The topicality of the course content, which reflects the trends in the financial sector, is central to this.

With our application-oriented degree programs, we place particular emphasis not only on the basic technical content, but also on the development of your methodological, personal and social skills in order to prepare you as well as possible for your future career For example, the consideration of ethical aspects in decision-making, interculturalism and leadership quality play an important role.


Varied teaching with a high level of practical relevance

Our degree program is characterized by first-class theoretical teaching, which ensures you a sound knowledge base for your future field of activity in finance. The high practical relevance, the concrete application reference and the orientation of the teaching contents to current trends and developments are decisive. The courses are held with the help of technological support as lectures with integrated exercises. Group work, discussions, seminars, case studies & mini-cases for reflection and application of knowledge are an essential part of the course. In addition, digital units round out the course offerings and increase flexibility in learning.

Project work - where possible in cooperation with companies -, case studies and guest lectures underpin the practical relevance of the course content and offer you first-class opportunities to network with renowned experts and practitioners.         
For your final thesis, cooperation with a company is sought.    

Diverse specializations and in-depth options

We offer a wide range of elective modules to complement and deepen your individual interests. These build on the business fundamentals taught in the first semesters. This gives you the opportunity to individually supplement your main field of study with topics such as management consulting, human resources, marketing, controlling or logistics, thus acquiring further core competencies and in-depth professional know-how.

Study abroad/practical phase

With globalization and increasing international interdependence, the activities and trading volumes on the international financial markets in particular are growing. This offers great opportunities and is the reason why internationality is a high priority at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. We therefore offer you the opportunity to spend your sixth semester at a partner university abroad. Our International Office will provide you with first-class support during your studies abroad. In addition to deepening your specialist knowledge, you will get to know the culture, mentality and language of the host country and can make international contacts with students and potential employers.     
In the "Business Administration with a focus on Finance" degree programs, we provide you with targeted training for practical application. Accordingly, we offer you an internship semester in the sixth semester as an alternative to a semester abroad. During this time, you will work in a company and apply the specialist knowledge you have acquired at to gain your first practical experience and practical contacts. During your practical phase, you will be individually supervised by a professor from your degree program.

Mentoring program

We accompany you. Our professors maintain personal contact with you as part of our mentoring program. This enables you to arrive at our university, ensures optimal support and guidance not only at the beginning of your studies, but also throughout your studies, especially in personal, organizational and content-related matters.

Studium Generale

Beyond the study program of your degree program, you have the opportunity to voluntarily attend events in the Studium Generale, which we offer in cooperation with partner universities and colleges. Exciting topics and lecturers broaden your horizons beyond the purely technical subjects.