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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses do you offer? You can check the courses offer in English, that Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen offers under the following links :

Bachelor courses in English

Master courses in English:

Lectures in German: if you are interested in taking courses in German, visit the Hochschul- Portal

Do you offer German language courses? And if yes, how many ECTS can I receive for the German language course? Yes, we do offer German languages courses every semester for our exchange students on different levels (A1 - C1) and free of charge. There are 6 ECTS for a course with 4 hours per week.

How can I get a Confirmation of Enrollment? If you need to certify your current enrollment at the University of Ludwigshafen for study or job purposes, follow the following steps.

What kind of weather should I expect in the winter/summer semester? Ludwigshafen has a very mild and dry climate. The annual average temperature is 11.2 ° C, the summer is quite hot (July and August) and the winter is cold (and sometimes snowy in December and January). If you are coming for the summer semester, you will surely need thick clothes for the beginning of the spring and then, summer clothes for the end of the semester. If you are coming for the winter semester, you will need autumn clothes for the beginning of the semester and then tick winter clothes for the winter period.

What is provided in the living/kitchen area of the students’ flats/dormitory rooms? The dormitories and the student flats are fully furnished (beds, desks, wardrobes etc) and technically equipped ( fridge, cooker, microwave); For your bedroom though, you will need to supply yourself bed linens, blankets, pillows, towels, and for the kitchen – any additional devices that you would like to use (as well as dishes, pans etc).

What does the rent include? The rent for your flat/dormitory room includes the monthly payment for your flat as well as the costs for water/electricity and heating.

Is my deposit part of the rent? When will the deposit be refunded? The deposit needs to be paid before your moving in the flat (along with the service fee). After your mobility, the deposit will be refunded if no damages have occurred during your stay at the flat/dormitory (this will be checked when you are moving out; also, when moving in, you will receive a list of what you should pay attention on, in order to get your deposit back).

When and how will I have access to Internet? If you live in a shared students’ flat from GAG, you will be able to connect to the Internet immediately, by signing in your devices with the password (which is located on the router).

What type of transports can I use in the city?How much does it cost? A detailed explanation about the public transport in Ludwigshafen and the access to the university from different locations is available here.

Where is the university located in relation to the city center? The university is situated close to the city center (approximately  15 minutes away with a bus), you can easily reach Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen by public transport ( buses RNV75 / RNV76 from Berliner Platz or bus RNV76 from RheinGalerie);

How can I send post mail? You can easily send a letter or a package by going to the closest Post. Next to Rathaus is situated a big department of Deutsche Post, the staff there is kind and has a good command of English, so they can help you further with your inquiry.

How can I receive post mail? If your family wants to send you a letter or a package, you should advise them on your exact address (postcode, street, building, entrance, number). If you're at home, when the courier comes, he will ring your bell so you can receive the delivery personally. If you are not at home, they will leave a note for you that you have a delivery and you can collect it form the nearest office.

I have problems with my internet access at the university? If you have issues with your connection in the University (e.g. you connectivity is poor or you cannot sign in), please go to one of the IT offices, which are located in the Hochschule -  Building A, room 309 and Building E, Room E1062;  . The staff there can assist you in resolving the matter.

How to get to Ludwigshafen  - Ludwigshafen am Rhein is easily accessible from various airports / stations. If you arrive in Frankfurt Airport: you can take a train from Frankfurt Airport to Mannheim or Ludwigshafen. The train station is directly located in Terminal 1 at the Airport. You can buy tickets in the shop on the way, the machines or online.

How do I charge my student card? You can use your student card for paying at the cafeteria/Mensa. In order to do this, you will need to charge it with a German EC-card (credit cards are not possible!) – there are two devices at the entrance of B-building (on the left hand side, just before entering Mensa). Alternatively, you can charge it at the cash desk in Mensa.

Where can I print / scan at the university? If you need to print/scan in the university, you can do it in AStA (located in the basement of A-building). You can check the opening hours of the AStA on their website.

I want to extend my stay. What should I do? In case you would like to prolong your mobility at LUBS, you need to contact your sending institution (your home university) first. If they agree, your home university needs to send a new nomination E-Mail to the attention of the International Office at LUBS. Nominations deadlines are April 30 (for winter semester) and October 31 (for summer semester).