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Overindebtedness, consumer insolvency and debt counseling

Content of research practice and research interests: History of debt counseling, over-indebtedness and debt counseling, social work with people in financially difficult situations, social exclusion and debt counseling, financing of debt counseling, debt and everyday life, use and non-use of debt counseling, frictions between social law, (private) insolvency law and civil procedure law, professionalism in debt counseling.

Research projects: 

  • The institutionalization of the field of debtor counseling. Pedagogization, depoliticization and administration of a social problem? (completed) - Prof. Dr. Hans Ebli
  • Financing of Debtor Counseling (completed) - Prof. Dr. Andreas Rein
  • Working on difficult financial situations and the (non-)use of debt counseling (completed) - Dr. Kerstin Herzog
  • Frictions between Social Law, (Private) Insolvency Law and Civil Procedure Law (ongoing) - Prof. Dr. Andreas Rein
  • Professionalism in Debtor Counseling - A Discourse Analysis (completed) - Prof. Dr. Hans Ebli
  • Offsetting and set-off according to §§ 51,52 SGB I in (private) insolvency proceedings (completed) - Prof. Dr . Andreas Rein
  • Professionalism in Debtor Counseling - Theoretical Reflections on Central Concepts (in progress) "further information " - Prof. Dr. Hans Ebli, Dr. Kerstin Herzog, Prof. Dr. Andreas Rein

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